Solutions that work for you.  

You've worked hard for your money.
And, we know what's important is not just what you make, it's what you keep. 

That's why Integrated Accounting Solutions partnered with Financial Resource Advisors--to work more efficiently for your benefit. 

You make lots of decisions every day regarding how you earn money, how you spend your money and how you invest your resources. At Integrated Accounting Solutions we make sure you understand the tax implications of those decisions. 

Integrated Accounting Solutions is conveniently located in the Financial Resource Advisors building. It is to your advantage when two financial specialists--your FRA advisor and your Integrated Accounting Solutions accountant act as an integrated team. The result:
  • faster, more direct communication
  • situation-analysis with the big picture--your big picture--in mind 
We specialize 
in tax preparation 
so you don't have to.